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In an era where remote work has become the new normal, employers face the challenge of ensuring their employees remain productive and focused while working from home. As a solution, many companies have turned to employee monitoring software to track their remote workers’ activities. However, this widespread adoption of monitoring software comes with both positive and concerning implications for the modern workplace.

According to a survey conducted by Digital.com in September 2021, 60% of companies with remote employees who work remotely have implemented monitoring software to track their productivity and activities. The key findings of the survey shed light on the impact of such monitoring practices on both employers and employees.

Enhancing Productivity vs. Invasion of Privacy

The primary motivation behind using monitoring software is to enhance productivity and ensure employees are spending their time efficiently. By tracking web browsing habits, application usage, and even physical locations, employers seek to gain insights into how their remote workforce utilizes work hours. However, this practice raises concerns about the invasion of employee privacy, as constant surveillance may make employees feel like their every move is being scrutinized. You have to follow the rules about how to monitor activity on computer.

Time Theft and Non-Work Activities

The survey revealed that among employees being monitored, 53% spent 3 or more hours per day on non-work activities. This phenomenon of time theft includes browsing social media, visiting websites for personal use, and even engaging in secondary employment during work hours. Such non-work activities can significantly impact overall productivity and lead to a decline in the quality of work produced.

Impact on Employee Morale

Monitoring software can have an unintended consequence of impacting employee morale. When employees feel like they are constantly being watched, it can create an atmosphere of distrust and fear. This fear-based motivation may result in short-term spikes in productivity but is unlikely to foster long-term engagement and dedication to the organization’s goals.

Transparency and Trust

The survey revealed that 14% of employees were unaware of the monitoring software being used on their devices. Open communication and transparency are crucial when implementing monitoring measures. Employers must inform their employees about the use of such software to maintain trust and prevent potential feelings of intrusion and violation of privacy.

Termination of Employees: The survey showed that 88% of employers terminated workers after implementing monitoring software. While termination may seem justified when employees engage in time theft or non-work activities, it can lead to a toxic work environment, fostering an atmosphere of fear rather than collaboration.

Industry Disparities

Certain industries, such as advertising, marketing, IT, construction, and finance, showed higher rates of monitoring software adoption. The hourly billing nature of these industries could be a driving factor behind the need for tracking software to ensure accurate billing. However, employers in these industries must carefully balance the need for monitoring with employee morale and trust.

Long-Term Motivation vs. Fear

Monitoring software may initially result in increased productivity, but it is essential to differentiate between motivation through fear and genuine inspiration. Rather than relying solely on surveillance, employers should focus on creating a positive work culture where employees are intrinsically motivated to excel.


Employee monitoring software has become a prevalent tool for many companies with remote workers. While it aims to enhance productivity, employers must be mindful of its impact on employee morale, privacy, and overall work culture. Striking the right balance between monitoring and trust is essential to ensure a healthy and thriving modern workplace. Transparent communication, clear expectations, and a focus on long-term motivation will enable companies to harness the benefits of monitoring software without compromising employee well-being and organizational trust.

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