How To Write SEO Content

SEO, English Search Engine Optimization, is an English term that defines optimization methods for search engines.

The objective of SEO is therefore to allow your site to become known on the web.

This is the performance aspect of SEO and the objective is to put in place the best possible actions to allow the site to arrive in the first results of search engines.

Positioning, a real web strategy, must be followed over time, it is not just a matter of a few months’ work.

Indeed, once the positioning is in place and well done, it is important to constantly monitor the arrival of new competitors so as not to fall back to the bottom of the ranking. It is therefore necessary to anticipate any competition to maintain its place in the results.

To obtain a good positioning it is possible to launch Google Ads campaigns , but to limit the costs it is strongly advised to work on your  natural referencing .

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To position the web pages, Google takes into account above all the quality of the content offered.

It is therefore essential to produce original and unpublished content, that is to say that you must avoid duplicate content . Any duplication is spotted by indexing robots and sanctioned.

To obtain 100% original content, you can go through . Our Copyscape anti-plagiarism service guarantees you authentic texts. You can even access the detailed CopyScape report on each text delivery and check for duplicate content.

2. Write catchy titles

The title is the hook of the text, it is therefore essential.

It must reflect the subject of the article, but not be limited to a succession of keywords. It must therefore be extremely thoughtful, not too long (no more than 65 characters in general), but arouse the desire to read the text.

This is a part that you absolutely have to take care of because it is the first thing the reader will see.

To write SEO-optimized titles, they should be catchy and contain keywords.

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3. Write often

Regularity is essential since it will allow you to generate more traffic on your site. And a site with a lot of traffic is for Google a potentially interesting and quality site which means… that it will place it at the top of the search results.

To regularly animate your site it is necessary to: offers turnkey “SEO Content Strategy” packs to help you develop your visibility on Google.Based on a semantic audit, an SEO expert detects keyword opportunities and designs content topics that you validate. The professional editors of then write the content, optimized for natural referencing and ready to integrate into your site.

4. Avoid keyword stuffing

The use of keywords is important since it is what will allow visitors surfing on Google to arrive on your site. a site.

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