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If you are a heavy consumer of content or your phone is starting to age, storage space can quickly become insufficient. To continue to enjoy your Android smartphone or tablet, cleaning is essential. It will allow you to increase the available storage space, so that you can download new applications or large files. Cleaning your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will also increase its level of security and performance to offer you a pleasant and smooth use!

1. Files by Google, the official app

Created by Google, Files is a free mobile cleaning app. Its main role is to manage unwanted files of the Android system, property of… Google. For this, the app has an automatic function that allows it to delete unwanted files from your Google Pixel smartphone on its own . Without bothering you, Files will manage your files and storage to free up space. The app also lets you share your files offline or in storage.

2. C Cleaner, the most famous

The CCleaner application is a powerful cleaning tool. Install it on your Samsung Galaxy S to manage and optimize the device’s memory. CCleaner erases all junk files, downloads and history from your phone, to give you better performance. The application also analyzes the impact of your various files, to share with you the data that you keep that are problematic. In just a few clicks, CCleaner cleans up your Android device!

3. All-In-One Toolbox, la plus polyvalente

The All-In-One Toolbox app is an all-in-one. Using its main menu, you can clean your Android smartphone or tablet, cool down the processor and boost the speed of your  Xiaomi smartphone . Thanks to the All-In-One Toolbox interface, you can view the various essential information about the Xiaomi Mi 11 system at a glance . This is a real time saver, since you no longer have to go to the smartphone settings to identify the problem.xiaomi-mi-11

4. Android Cleaner, un coup de boost

The Android Cleaner app is ideal for quickly improving the performance of your Realme smartphone . The app alone cleans up your junk and duplicate files, boosts your phone to boost performance, and manages different apps to optimize battery life. Within minutes, Android Cleaner locates and cleans all files on the Realme 7 Pro . The app also has a hibernate feature that prevents your apps from running in the background and thus taking up storage.

5. Clean Master, a real dashboard

Clean Master is one of the best cleaning apps for Android. It allows you to identify and delete all your unwanted files. Its interface shows you the applications to permanently uninstall to recover storage space. You can also see the available resources of your Oppo smartphone  : RAM, internal storage, SD card… Everything is analyzed by Clean Master! After a few uses, the performance of your Oppo Reno 4 Pro will have increased for faster use.

6. SD Maid, a powerful AI

SDMaid is a fairly recent cleaning application. It is an excellent file manager: with each use, SDMaid analyzes and identifies the most powerful files that you must delete. This allows you to recover storage space in your smartphone and optimize its performance. SDMaid also identifies the application files to be erased in your Google Pixel 4a . No actions can affect file functionality and phone performance.


r phone. You can then delete them to free up storage space. Power Clean also analyzes your battery usage: the app stops other apps from running to save power. All unwanted notifications are blocked at once for an airy notification area.

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